Motion Control Techniques to Capture Incredible Shots

Width BOLT we can create camera movement wich was impossible util now. Bolt can make camera pan, tilt, move fast, control zoom and trigger other objects.

TRIGGERS – you can use triggers to capture breathtaking high-speed shots. With Flair software we can trigger external elements – to be exact – every time camera passes.

REPEAT PASS SHOT – every camera move we can repeat over and over again – exact as it was – every time – allowing us to precisely layer shots one over another

VIRTUAL REALITY & SFX – camera movement can be easily transferred into postproduction software allowing SFX to create fantastic looking effects. FLAIR software can also be synced to Unreal engine for virtual sets.

HIGH SPEED & TABLETOP SHOTS – motion of the camera is now possible even in the high speed shots such as closeup shots of pouring liquid or juicy food.

SLOW MOTION VFX – for cinematic high speed live action –  want to shoot footballer kicking the ball from a twist, all in high-speed slow motion – we can make it.

PRECISION TRACKING – precision object tracking for extreme close up shots and incredible details of your products.

With BOLT – impossible shots are possible!